What Is Music?

Here are some common questions that are frequently asked.

 Where are the private lessons held?

Lessons are held at my home studio:
     Little or no interruptions
     Students are attentive in studio environment
     Formal class environment
     Periodic progress recordings made on CD's for you  

 What will students learn?

     Read sheet music
     Understand music theory
     Read chord charts
     Composition (songwriting)
     Improvisation (creativity is encouraged)
     Proper technique
     Ear training (listening)
     Confidence building

     Ear training
     Vocal technique
     Breathing Control
     Microphone/Recording technique
     Warm up exercises
     Performance skills
     Confidence building     

  How much should students practice?

Practice goals will vary according to each students
objectives & aspirations, interests, and special circumstances.

Here are some weekly guidelines.

Piano Students: 
     Practice 5 days a week
     Children: 6-9, 15-20 minutes a day 
Children: 10-13, 30+ minutes a day 
     Young adults: 14-17, 45+ minutes a day 
     Adults: 45+ minutes a day   

Voice Students:
     Children and Adults should sing their lesson songs 
     4 times each day,
5 days a week, to start.
     Bi-monthly increasing the duration of singing 
by 10 minutes.

What happens if a lesson is cancelled by students?

We will make every attempt to reschedule. Please call at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel. The make up class will consist of an extended lesson duration for the two following lessons. With younger students, the entire lesson will be made up on a separate day.

*If no prior notice of cancellation is given to class time, the class will not be made up and the fee will be forfeited. 

*The lesson will be made up within 30 days. After 30 days, the lesson and fee will be forfeited. 

What if the teacher cancels the lesson?

I will make every attempt to reschedule the lesson. If the lesson can't be rescheduled, the fee will be applied to a later lesson.

 Will there be an opportunity for students to perform?

Yes, there will be recitals and/or shows planned periodically.

  What is Sharon's teaching style?

Sharon works hard toward excellence and imparts her 
enthusiasm for music to her students. She creates a fun, 
creative, and comfortable musical environment. She is 
very patient and kind in her approach realizing everyone 
has their own individual pace of learning.  

What materials do students need?

Students need a spiral notebook for writing
lessons plans and
music books that
I will recommend. Please see the 'Books' page.

Can I use an electronic keyboard?

I advise using a real piano or an electronic full size keyboard with weighted (touch sensitive) keys and a sustain pedal. Some young beginners can start, for a short time, with a non-weighted keyboard without a sustain pedal if the parent would like to see the dedication or skill level of their child before investing in a piano or full size electronic keyboard. But it should be for only a short time if the child shows promise and dedication. 

Piano and Voice Lessons

 (734) 497-9756
Dundee, Michigan