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What Is Music?

A few of my students are featured here performing 'LIVE'
at one of the Allstars Music Shows and in my studio.

Allstars Music Show Line Up 

Rachael - 'Jesus Take The Wheel'
What a pleasure and joy to work with Rachael! Such talent... She is viewed here in one of the first few performances of her life at one of the Allstars Music Shows in San Diego, California.

Spencer - 'Lines'
Spencer is viewed here performing at one of the Allstars Music Shows. He started as a piano student with me then focused more on studying singing and songwriting. Spencer wrote the lyrics and we both wrote the music to this song.

James - 'Mister Cellophane'
James is featured here at one of the 'Allstars Music Shows' in San Diego, California. He brought the house down with this performance. He went on to perform this at his school.

Rachael - 'Behind These Hazel Eyes'
It was a joy working with Rachael. She grew through the years I worked with her to become very relaxed in front of an audience and to just let her voice shine. She now feels the freedom to execute vocally whatever she imagines to sing. That is the goal. Think it, and be able to do it.

Tonight I Wanna Cry
Deepa was my student for over 4 years. It was a pleasure watching her grow musically.

Jason - 'Three Songs for Mom & Dad'
He is so adorable... I'm going to brag for a moment because he is my nephew! He was 3 (almost 4) years old when this was recorded. He loves to sing and for such a young person, he sings in tune very well and did a great job recording in my studio.

Linda - 'Fantango' 
Linda reads music well for her age and learned basic music theory from her classes with me. She also sings!

Jeremy - 'Hit The Road Jack'
What a pleasure teaching Jeremy! I taught him music theory starting at age 9, and in a short time he was able to play along with a band utilizing his knowledge of chords, and sing at the same time!

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