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What Is Music?

Spencer - 'I Instantly Fly'
Spencer started as a piano student with me then focused more on singing and songwriting. It turns out, he's a very talented lyricist... 

Mignon - 'Here For The Party'
Mignon is at home on the stage. She works hard as a vocalist and loves to perform. She is pursuing a career in music.

Linda - 'A Day In Vienna'
Linda is very talented. Understanding music theory came easy for her. She was a model student, her lessons were always prepared. 

Jeremi - 'Moondance'
I had the pleasure of teaching Jeremi for over 4 years, starting at age 9. He started as a piano student and then decided to take singing classes also. He's performing here in my studio.

Rachael - 'God's Will'
Rachael is exceptionally gifted. She started voice class with me at 12 years old. She is seen here performing at the 'Allstars-Music' Show in San Diego.

Jessica - Concrete Angel
Jessica loves to sing and is pursuing a music career.

James - 'Fur Elise' 
James not only sings, but is displaying his piano playing skills here at the Allstars-Music Show in San Diego, California.

Hannah - 'Songs For Mom and Dad'
Hannah has such a sweet spirit. What a joy to watch her blossom vocally.

Linda - 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' 
Linda was also my piano student. She was a model student. She practiced diligently and was always prepared for her lesson.

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